Chumbi Valley Reveals Game NFTs in Breeding Event

Chumbi Valley plans to launch Generation 1 characters in a mix of VIP breeding event and public sale.

Chumbi Valley, one of the long-awaited RPG strategy games, revealed some of its key items. Chumbi Valley also pre-announced its Gen 1 breeding event, after first selling eggs that hid their NFT contents. 

Now, some of the game mechanics and items are coming to light.

Chumbi Valley to Create Gen 1 Characters

So far, the game has only distributed the Seed round of pods, which are the most exclusive game items available. After the pod sale, the game held another event to hatch the pods. 

Next, the characters from the Seed round will produce a wider, less rare Generation 1 collection of characters. Each Seed character will only be able to breed once. The event will also burn a predicted $1M CHMB tokens. A maximum of 12,288 new characters will appear.

The whole event will extend into April, while the game unveils its characters and items. Gen 1 Chumbis can be acquired in two ways – either by breeding, or for first-time owners, by buying a Gen 1 seed pod out of 8,192 new ones generated by the game. The dates for the community sale are yet to be announced, but it will follow the initial VIP event. 

However, Chumbis bred from Seed round characters will be more likely to have rare or exclusive characteristics. Not all types of Chumbis will be available during the breeding event or the community sale, some will only be generated with in-game breeding once it starts.

CHMB Price Remains Depressed

The price of CHMB has continued to unravel, and is now down to $0.019. The asset has only traded for a couple of months, and its KuCoin listing is the only source of more significant liquidity. 

CHMB is not under selling pressure, as it is not used within the game as a reward. Chumbi Valley is yet to launch its first adventures. The game’s potential earnings only hinge on CHMB token speculation, as well as the value of its Seed and soon, Generation 1 NFTs. 

Currently, Chumbi valley seed characters fetch a floor price of 0.68 ETH, even without gameplay.

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