Chumbi Valley Sets NFT Airdrop Schedule for Seed Collection Buyers

Chumbi Valley, the Pokemon-inspired game, is opening a new airdrop schedule for additional items to all holders of seed NFTs. Seed Chumbi are available on the official OpenSea page of the game, and will give special privileges in the future. 

The new airdrops arrive as an incentive to hold onto the original items and participate in regular snapshots. The closest NFT airdrop arrives on February 22. This airdrop will distribute an in-game item known as “pod remnant”. The item is just land plot decoration and will attract butterflies, but has no utility within the game.

The March 15 airdrop will include a name tag. The April 5 airdrop will give access to Chumbi Trail, a special afterglow effect for walking characters. The April 26 airdrop will be dedicated to Nimble Boots, an item that will give players advantage by doubling their speed.

All airdropped items can be re-sold immediately. The mint will require a wallet compatible with the Polygon network.

Chumbi Valley is one of the more appealing NFT collections and the sale volumes already reflect that feature. Chumbi Valley makes use of the potential of the Polygon network, achieving high volumes with low fees. 

In the long term, owning seed NFTs will give some privileges to owners, including a higher rate of in-game earnings once the environment launches and starts issuing reward tokens. 

Even before the game launch, Chumbi Valley is already attracting potential managers to offer scholarships, as some of the initial items command significant prices. Void Chumbi is one of the most active managers seeking interaction with potential players.

How CHMB Token Performs

CHMB, for now, remains stagnant as the game is still ahead of its major launch. CHMB slid to $0.05 with high short-term volatility. The token offers a high-return but possibly risky staking mechanism with up to 300% annualized gains.

The token is seen as potentially promising for making rapid gains once the game takes off. 

Currently, CHMB is mostly traded on the Korean KuKoin exchange and through PancakeSwap with an unknown circulating supply.

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