Chumbi Valley: Is this Game Getting Closer to Launch

Chumbi Valley NFT command relatively high prices after pod hatching event and the actual Chumbi reveal.
  • Chumbi Valley still far from Beta launch, but adds small game milestones, visual and game lore assets.
  • CHMB token loses value, while NFT keep trading with a high floor price.

Chumbi Valley is one of the games spending a long time on multiple NFT events. But the game continues to worry early investors with slim prospects of launching its beta any time soon. 

In the most recent development, Chumbi Valley aims for more listings for the CHMB token, with the goal of reviving its price action ahead of the game launch. CHMB is now competing for listing on Gate.IO, one of the smaller exchanges that hosts multiple up-and-coming tokens.

Most recently, CHMB was listed on SimpleSwap, a decentralized platform. CHMB is also trying to regain some positions, as it lost 90% of its value since February, to trade at $0.0023. 

Chumbi Valley Almost Finishes Stage 3 Development

Chumbi Valley has completed most of its milestones in Stage 3, creating some of the in-game assets. The last step in that stage will be the open beta. 

In Stage 4, the game will also have a mobile version. During that stage, Chumbi Valley will also transform into a double-token game, by issuing a new asset, Lucky Stars (LSTS). The LSTS asset will be used in the game for tasks such as upgrading Chumbi playable characters to the next level. 

The Chumbi Valley team is now ready with some of the art and music, as well as the UI for holding and controlling Chumbis. 

The game will also include spells, a component of Chumbi skills which will bring passive income to the player, even when the game is idle. Additionally, the game will have its own Chumbi alphabet of runes.

Recently, Chumbi Valley also finished its latest item airdrop for Seed Chumbi holders, with a functional NFT of speed-walking boots. 

Despite the game’s delay, the Chumbi characters keep seeing significant action. After the pod hatching event and the reveal of Chumbi characters, the OpenSea trading volume reached a total of 3,600 ETH, with a 0.2 ETH floor price driven by scarcity. 

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