Crabada Rebalances Game with Skill Shift, Crab Decay Feature

Crabada relies on limited pools and rare items to offset the previous game of competing for tokens.
  • Crabada updated its battle game with new skills and weapons.
  • Spinach ingredient airdrop now open for trivia quiz.
  • The game will introduce Crab Decay to mop up some of the NFT.

Crabada is constantly reinventing its economic model, trying to bring value to players. One year after its launch, Crabada has secured its position as a Web3 game with potential tournament earnings. 

Now, Crabada is introducing a new series of updates, to tweak the balance of skills in crab battles. Additionally, there will be a form of burn, also known as Crab Decay, which will bring in-game advantages. The Crab Decay feature may start to decrease the newly minted NFT and push players to select which crabs to keep.

From next week, Crabada will also work with a new battle version, with changed weight for equipment and new pincer skills.

Crabada will bring in recipes for a new class of weapons, known as Energy Extractors. Various classes of Crabs will also gain new Pincer and Eye abilities. 

Along with the upgrade, Crabada will have a small giveaway, with Spinach airdrops for a game trivia quiz running until November 20.

Crabada Retains User Interest

Crabada is one of the games that managed to retain a reasonable daily load on almost all its features. The game did away with bots and now keeps a small but steady number of verified accounts.

Despite the slowdown in play-to-earn as a whole, Crabada is still appealing for its progress arc and a game economy with more item drops instead of tokens. 

A recent developer chat also revealed Crabada may make additional changes. Crab decay will be a new feature coming soon, potentially changing the balance for NFT owners. There are still no details on the exact parameters of Crab Decay, but there is a promise of benefit for holders of superfluous Crabs with low stats.

For months now, Crabada has been non-viable as a play-to-earn game, due to the lowering prices of TUS and CRA. However, the game offers new types of assets and recipe components, allowing players to have goals. Additionally, the battle game with levels is boosting engagement as players compete to reach new territories. 

The game’s daily Lucky Draws are also boosting player count, with more than 2,100 entries for some of the most rare NFT to be distributed.

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