Crabada Shuts Down Idle Game to Focus on Battle, Arena Mode

Crabada is still among top Avalanche games based on current user reports.
  • Crabada kept the idle game as a tool to onboard new players.
  • Now, the game team will focus on Equipment and boost the Battle and Arena challenges.
  • Snake City remains open for new players, with NFT showcase competition still open.

Crabada has decided to move on and abandon its idle game entirely. Previously, the idle game was restricted with bot protections, and was left as a way to onboard new users. But after a full quarter of battle and arena mode, Crabada shut down idle mode.

The idle game was active for about a year, and its main function was to produce TUS tokens. Most of the TUS ended up being sold on exchanges, thus depressing the price. Now, Crabada is keeping the more competitive modes where more skill and high-level NFT are required. This will also allow for higher rewards based on merit and ranking. 

Even without the idle game, Crabada would retain thousands of players each day and remain one of the top Avalanche games with a subnet. 

Arena Game Distributes Equipment Boxes

The Arena game is currently one of the most important features on Crabada. The game will feature Equipment, one of the new additions on Crabada. Equippable items are now becoming part of the weekly rewards for Arena winners.

The Arena mode is the most variable one, where the Crabada team is almost constantly tweaking features to achieve a more engaging and challenging game. The Arena has specific weekly challenges with different multipliers for crab NFT attacks.

The Arena mode makes sure to be attractive to all player tiers with all types of Crabs, rotating different weights for attacks and defenses. In every weekly round, the Arena keeps its main feature of being more risky for high-ranked players, who need to pay in more and can lose more of their points for losing a match.

Despite the game’s success, TUS remains stagnant at $0.00021, still waiting for enough tokens to be burned. CRA is without change at $0.013, and is used mainly for staking. 

The Crabada ecosystem is also opening the opportunity for Snake City to grow its user base. Snake City offers a Free Zone for beginner players. Currently, there is also a short-term competition for showcasing Snake NFT.

Snake City offers similar mechanics with breeding and a blockchain-based Snake game.

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