Crazy Defense Heroes: Join Hunting Season Now

Crazy Defense Heroes TOWER token sinks after regular payouts as game rewards are liquidated.
  • Crazy Defense Heroes wrapped up Minotaur Madness and will move on to the next season from May 27.
  • Animoca Brands still supports top games, SAND listing on Coinbase.

Crazy Defense Heroes aims to build up game activity with exclusive seasons and events. From May 27, a new experience begins, with a guaranteed gift of an exclusive attack NFT card.

The new quest arrives just as Crazy Defense Heroes finishes its Minotaur Mayhem event. Crazy Defense Heroes is played in free mode, or players accrue in-game assets. Then, on certain dates, the game uses its smart contracts to distribute rewards. 

For that reason, there is no accurate way to see the day-to-day gameplays. Seasons award gamers with NFT items, as well as a scheduled deposit of TOWER tokens earned in the game. 

Crazy Defense Heroes remains one of the prominent games of Animoca Brands. The challenges are contained in up to 1,000 levels of varied difficulty for a varied tower defense. The game is still played in PvE mode, with PvP promised in the future. 

Unfortunately, the TOWER Token keeps losing value. In the past months, TOWER became a sub-penny token, sliding to 0.005. The asset had an all-time peak at $0.14, and has been sliding ever since. 

Animoca Brands Continues to Boost P2E Space

Animoca Brands currently runs some of the most successful P2E games. At the top is The Sandbox, with a long history of development and frequent new NFT drops. 

REVV Racins also completed a high-profile event and remains a solid simulated racing game. Benji Bananas, which used ApeCoin (APE) and its native asset, PRIMATE, extended the free model of the game to a play-to-earn option.

The biggest success for Animoca Brands is the recent addition of the SAND token to Coinbase, widening the access to US-based and international buyers. 

Will TOWER Token Get a Second Chance

TOWER also sinks rapidly after the end of the seasons, especially as monthly rewards are paid out and liquidated.

Even at this lower range, TOWER is attractive for the potential to break out. Linked to a strong game, this token may attempt a short-term recovery and has been noticed by cryptocurrency traders. 

TOWER is mostly traded on the KuCoin exchange, targeting South Korean traders.

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