Crazy Defense Heroes Breaks 100K Users

The Crazy Defense Heroes game, supported by Animoca Brands, requires KYC for its token earnings potential.
  • Crazy Defense Heroes requires KYC for players looking at P2E rewards.
  • TOWER loses value in the past week, down 40%.
  • The game organizes special events and Tower Chest sales and airdrops.

Crazy Defense Heroes, a multi-chain tower defense game, had a sudden spike of users. After usually logging about 11K users per day, the game suddenly saw its user count rally to 111.8K players in the past 24 hours. DappRadar noted the increased player count as an anomaly, still unexplained.

Crazy Defense Heroes is not ranked near the top among other games, but has more than $35M in balance. The game is prominent due to the high liquidity of the TOWER token. But the sudden inflow of players may be due to the special event launched this May 17. 

The Minotaur Mayhem event will run for the next nine days, potentially boosting the game’s score.

The TOWER token sank from $0.01 to $0.006 in a week, pressured by the worsened market conditions. It is also possible the rise of users registered on-chain was due to the distribution of TOWER awards for the past two months. The increased token availability may actually depress TOWER even more.

Additionally, TOWER depends on a relatively illiquid KuCoin trading pair, as well as on decentralized trades through UniSwap. The game may be limited in adding more players as it requires KYC to distribute the rewards, and not all P2E players agree to the screening. The KYC requirement also blocks some users from playing and causes technical problems with verification. 

The game’s NFT have also traded a total of 2.4ETH on OpenSea, a relatively limited activity for just over 100 items changing hands. But the NFT activity is not the game’s core. Crazy Defense Heroes is also a free-to-play game with millions of downloads and support from Animoca Brands. The game also often runs mystery chest events for rare items and rewards.

The game has a relatively active community with connections when seeking Heroes to build up a team. Crazy Defense Heroes also builds up player counts by launching limited special events, equivalent to playing seasons, happening almost monthly with special perks and missions.

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