Crazy Defense Heroes Opens New Themed Season

TOWER tokens still trade near the lower range, and the game may be more meaningful as free-to-play.
  • Crazy Defense Heroes Reports More than 20M Downloads.
  • The game is known for its short and regular seasons with a special theme.
  • Players are waiting for a new achievement, TOWER Hero Points that are swappable for rare items.

Crazy Defense Heroes has reached the launch day of another special season. The Seismic edition starts this January 16, as always with special prizes. Players will compete for a rare Hero card with Ruby, a new character that is a seasonal limited edition.

The game retains around 1.42K players per day, both in and out of seasons. Crazy Defense Heroes has a highly dynamic tower defense game, where not all activities are reflected on the blockchain. 

The new season arrives after a monster-themed alien invasion and a cave and maze-themed season in late December. 

Crazy Defense Heroes also plans to release special events to earn TOWER Hero Points, with the goal of swapping them for rare items.

Crazy Defense Heroes Relies on Broad Adoption

Crazy Defense Heroes is one of the top investments of Animoca Brands, and highly successful as a Web3 game. The tower defense and strategy game has more than 1M downloads on its Android mobile version, and a total 4.8 stars in its reviews. The game’s self-reported download score counts 20M downloads in total in the various versions of the game and 100K active users. 

The game is successful as a free app, but players may need to purchase NFT and be verified to be able to withdraw TOWER tokens. At the current market conditions. TOWER withdrawal may not offer significant earnings. TOWER trades at $0.0003, erasing most of the token’s value during the crypto bear market. Players must accrue at least 10K TOWER to withdraw and prove their identity in a KYC process.

The game’s NFT collection is also listed on OpenSea, with still no pointers to a floor price or the most common bids. The game also offers various starter packs and items for those that want to own NFT. On the ownership side, Crazy Defense Heroes resembles more of a pay-to-win game, though the exact ratio of possible earnings is unknown. The game also has issued TOWER game tickets with exorbitant asking prices on Binance NFT, as high as $1,100 in BUSD.

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