Crazy Defense Heroes Prepares for Feb 14-15 TOWER Chest Sale

Crazy Defense Heroes prepares for a mystery chest sale for TOWER tokens, rescheduled for February 14-15.

Crazy Defense Heroes, an RPG action game with a focus on the Japanese market, lined up among trending P2E names ahead of its TOWER token chest sale. The new mystery box offering will happen this February 14-15.

Despite the initial announcement for a sale on February 10, the community wanted to receive its latest tranche of TOWER tokens before the launch of the NFT sale. The chest of mystery items will distribute the remaining 80% of NFT items for the game. Any unsold items by February 15 will be burned.

Crazy Defense Heroes covers the niche of a tower defense game, mixing RPG, card collection and action. The game is available in free to play and play to earn mode. The game’s world is fully tokenized with the TOWER asset and can produce records on the Polygon blockchain. 

The TOWER chest sale will distribute card NFTs to be used in upcoming games. The payment will be in TOWER tokens only, for a maximum of 3 Golden chests, 10 Silver chests or 30 Bronze chests. The chest’s tier and price in TOWER will reflect the probability of encountering a rare card.

The upcoming sale is also boosting the social media exposure for Crazy Defense Heroes, as players have the last chance to accrue in-game rewards of TOWER and receive them by February 11. 

How TOWER Token Performs

TOWER token peaked at $0.13 in December last year, moving down to lows of $0.025. Now, TOWER has expanded for a couple of weeks, propped up by the new chest sale. TOWER trades at $0.032 with a growing trend in the past day. 

Getting TOWER token is also tailored to play to earn users. TOWER is available on multiple exchanges and running on both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. The asset can be swapped from a wallet connected to UniSwap or PancakeSwap to participate in the NFT sale. 

TOWER is also traded on KuCoin, one of the major exchanges for Southeast Asia. The asset has the potential to line up among notable play to earn tokens with upside potential.

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