Sunflower Land Adds Cooldown Period to Farm NFT Transfers

Sunflower Land aims to offer exclusive ownership rights, by limiting the potential to exploit the game as a financial product.
  • Sunflower Land aims to stop farm-flipping and multi-accounting.
  • SFL remains above $0.11 due to holding incentives.
  • New avatar editor will offer unique Bumpkin NFT creation.

Sunflower Land is changing the rules on farm resales, to avoid price crashes and NFT exploitation. The game is trying to control multi-accounting and bots, to avoid turning the game into an NFT-flipping product. 

Now, players will go through a two-week cooldown period on farm resales, when sending them to a new wallet outside the game. OpenSea listings will thus not be immediate, making farms even more scarce. 

Even now, the game operates with a limited number of farms and each new player uses just one wallet to mint the NFT on Polygon’s blockchain. Despite this, some of the farm listings suggest there may be owners of many NFT, which are then used just for reselling. 

Most of the Sunflower Land economy happens through internal trading and transactions, in the game store, but all items can then be withdrawn and offered as NFT. Currently, only a handful of rare items are resold, and most circulate within the game’s community. 

Bumpkin Skins: Game Team Shows Preview of Character Editor

Sunflower Land will also make the playable characters more flexible. Some of the items may be default, while others will be rare and cost in-game resources. 

All Bumpkin NFT will be dynamic, meaning all changes will be reflected in the NFT image. Clothes and swag items will be craftable and become one of the game’s resource sinks.

Sunflower Land Switches to Account NFT

Currently, farms are listed on OpenSea as Sunflower Land accounts. Some are for resale, but there are also banned NFT that cannot return to the game. Sunflower Land is also one of the games that restricts bots, but has also managed to retain most of its users. Daily, 5.98K users join the game and interact with the blockchain. 

SFL, the game’s native token, is also relatively stable at $0.11. SFL production has a preset series of halvings, where fewer tokens are paid out for in-game resources.

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