Snake City Opens Tournament with $10K Prize Pool

Snake City and Crabada encourage their players to keep assets on the Swimmer Network.
  • Snake City is bringing a soccer-themed tournament in the next four weeks.
  • The game is also building toward a tournament mode with paid tickets.
  • Snake City is growing the adoption of Swimmer Network.

Snake City is one of the fastest-evolving Web3 and P2E games. After a quick trial period with limited tests, the game is now stable enough to offer one of its first organized tournaments. The Road to Qatar 2022 will have a prize pool of $10,000 and additional perks and special conditions.

The tournament will kick off from November 17 and run until December 18. The game will also have soccer-themed gameplay and NFT items. The game will also offer a Wheel of Fortune to boost the player’s situation if the snakes keep losing their loot.

Until now, Snake City helped to expand the number of wallets on Swimmer Network, and SNCT became one of the most active tokens. Swimmer Network reached 28,791 player wallets after Crabada and Snake City migrated its assets.

There are still no reports on the number of daily players, but the game managed to attract around 1,500 daily players during some of its observation periods. 

Snake City is available to try for free and even for players without an account. However, even free players can start accruing SNCT and can upgrade their playable Snakes. Additionally, players earn TOC tokens within the game. Snake City brings out a limitless free zone, while also waiting to launch its arena mode, paid with SNCT tokens for participation. SNCT currently trades at $0.002 with limited liquidity and may be more useful within the game.

Avalanche Helps Web3 with New Analytics Tool

Avalanche has been one of the blockchains aiming to bring the right mix of Web3 additions to games. This helped Snake City become a successful simple game with NFT and tokenization. 

Now, a new tracking tool is available to track NFT and tokens on Avalanche C-Chain.

However, for games built on subnets, moving to C-Chain is now more expensive, to encourage the usage of the new network. Avalanche expects new games to keep adding subnets when they reach the right stage of development.

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