Don’t Count Your Chickens Opens Game of Risk on WAX Blockchain

Don’t Count Your Chickens is yet to release its full version with a playable season.
  • DCYC offers NFT-stealing mechanic, where players lose their Chickens but gain in-game items.
  • Some of the Chicken NFT cannot be captured.
  • Gather Gold to upgrade Chickens or swap for EGG tokens.

Don’t Count Your Chickens is a beta-stage game on the WAX blockchain, with NFT inclusion and on-chain progress. The game’s premise is to send out the Chicken NFT on missions, with a twist – all winnings have an uncertain result.

The game will have battle and capture mechanics, meaning the NFT can be stolen by other players – hence don’t count your chickens before they are ready with victory.

The initial goal of the game is to offer fun missions, but players can also earn EGG tokens and stake them in a liquidity pool. This is optional and will distribute rewards at the end of the lockup period. 

The game’s NFT also come in different types, and stealing is not a total loss – in fact, some chickens can be swapped for rewards. 

DCYC is not centered around a collection with high value, instead the Chickens are a tool for Web3 ownership. The game also has Fox NFT, as well as secret characters not immediately revealed. Players can mint packs or Land, which is the main venue for resource-gathering.

DCYC Offers Three Game Modes

In its current stage, the basic game offers an idle exploration game, where chicken NFT roam the Metaverse and bring back found treasures. In Stealing Mode, players unleash a Fox to capture chickens. 

The game will also build PvP war mode, where players need Gold to mount an army. Gold is also important to level up the Chickens and send them on productive chickens. Players can also swap their Gold for EGG tokens, with a floating rate depending to in-game productivity. This is a safeguard against strip-mining the game for cashing out. 

By the end of the year, DCYC will be ready to reveal its renewed roadmap for 2023, while also aiming to launch the first playable season of the game’s final version. Even in its current stage, DCYC brings in more than 300 players per day, based on WAX smart contract usage. The game relies on Taco Swap smart contracts for its EGG token, accounting for some of the activity.

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