Empire Duels Game Reaches Launch Stage with PvP Battles

Empire Duels has an element of ownership and simulated farming.
  • Empire Duels launched its alpha testing stage, with more developments in the second half of 2023.
  • The game is based on resources and crafting, and a competition between oil-rich families.
  • Empire Duels plans to launch on Solana and WAX for speed and low fees.

Empire Duels announced its launch stage at the start of the new year, after long months in development. The game is based on NFT ownership, which along with competitive battles will grant a stream of tokenized income. 


The game is set a century back, in the early stage of the energy wars for oil. Players confront others and compete to be on top of the business.

How Empire Duels Works

Empire Duels has the mechanics of simulated farming, only the main resource is oil. Players choose to become one of the three oil-rich dynasties and expand their influence. 

The goal is to own digital land and set up rigs, which can later be upgraded for new production. Players also acquire machines such as planters and tractors to have additional farming activity. The farms also produce rare wood. All the fuel and resources serve to achieve more complex levels of ownership. 

As with other simulated resource games, Empire Duels will start out as a sandbox small-scale game. The goal is to turn it into a full-scale infinite metaverse with activities and ownership. 

The game offers multiplayer access, where all compete to gain in-game resources, in the end converting them to Empire Duels Token. 

Empire Duels Picks Solana, WAX

Empire Duels will launch on Solana and WAX, based on its white paper. Currently, the team is at the alpha testing stage, but the later steps will involve the sale of passes and NFT packs. This is a usual approach for WAX games with access to the Atomic Hub market. 

Players will be able to acquire tool packs with four different levels of rarity and performance, as well as mystery chests with random items. The same principle will apply to Windmill Packs, another in-game item important to the final productivity.

Even with some NFT introduced, the full functionalities of the game and its swapping infrastructure may take a long time. Some of the important milestones will only happen in the latter half of 2023, when the game will approach its first official version.

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