Ethlas Promises $10K Daily Rounds After NFT, Token Launch

Ethlas Metaverse annouced its airdrop of 8337 Komo characters coming March 2.

Ethlas, a game of playable NFT avatars, plans for its public sale drop this March 2. The game, inspired by other train-and-battle universes, will offer cute avatars but also a serious prize pool. Ethlas has also emerged as one of the well-financed projects with the potential to meet the demand for high-level P2E experiences. 

Ethlas will start its expansion this March 2, with a new NFT drop of 8337 new Komo NFTs. The whitelist is open ahead of the sale for buyer screening and fair distribution to avoid bot exploits.

The game is set on incentivizing the holding of collections, for future benefits within the game. Komos, the playable avatars, will offer a Genesis selection as well as regular mints. Komo characters vary in their innate abilities and mix of strengths and weaknesses and can be trained or upgraded.

Ethlas Receives Backing from Blockchain Investors

Ethlas riled up some of the biggest names in blockchain space to support the game. In a recent funding round, the game raised $3M with involvement from Sequoia Capital, as well as the Coinbase exchange and other early pledges. 

Ethlas claims more than 3.4M players in its free to play version. Komo Klash also classifies as a casual game, which will be upgraded with P2E potential. The game also passed 20K members on its Discord channel, signaling growing popularity. Ethlas is another example of casual free to play games making the jump into P2E. 

Within the game, players earn Gems, which do not run on the blockchain. In the future, the XGEM token will be the tool to transfer assets out of the game. XGEM is a Polygon-based token that will be traded on Quickswap, a decentralized exchange. As of February, the token has limited liquidity and a reported price of $0.012, but with no regular trading information. 

Within the game, the native token will buy training, upgrades, and will serve to buy skill cards from the marketplace. The game also includes significant daily Gem pools to be won in battles or boss battle mode.

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