How to Catch an NFT Airdrop

An NFT airdrop or a new mint is one of the easiest ways to start with a collection journey. NFT airdrops are starting to include play to earn games, offering an early start with items and funds to make the best of new games.

The first step is to recognize the NFT opportunity. The best sources are still social media, with Twitter in the lead. Discord channels are also popping up almost every day, offering a free item for upcoming NFT games. 

After ensuring the play to earn or NFT airdrop is not a scam, make sure you are visiting the right project. Never share or expose your private keys, no matter what the airdrop or mint link promises. The best approach is also not to follow direct messages for airdrops.

Is the Airdrop Really Free

Some projects will do a truly free airdrop, in exchange for following on social media, whitelisting, or joining a Discord channel. 

Even a free airdrop would require additional fees to move the NFT and pay for listing or reselling. Some projects will consider an airdrop and a new mint as equivalent. It is best to check the conditions for minting and the minimum participation price. 

It is best to check beforehand if the minting includes whitelisting, or if it is a free for all event where your bid may be front-run by bots. 

Who is Eligible for an Airdrop

Airdrops can be added to the wallets of unaware holders of various tokens. For others, previous ownership of collections or items can open access to new collections. 

NFTs and items themselves can open the doors to restricted Discord channels, where more rare items can be minted. For now, there is no hard and fast rule on eligibility, but the concept of NFTs as credentials is spreading.

For some projects, community participation is important, with some collections airdropped to an already registered group of potential players.

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