Fishing Lands Prepares Giveaway, Now with More Farming Tools

Fishing Lands offers primary WAX access with alternatives for Anchor Protocol wallets.
  • Fishing Lands offers sporadic airdrops and a chance to start the game for free.
  • WAX wallet owners can start with a Character and Fishing Rod NFT.
  • The game is gaining popularity for combining farming and GameFi.

Fishing Lands, an NFT game with farming mechanics, is now offering another giveaway. A day is left to get 10 Fishing Bubble NFT for social media tasks and registering a wallet.

Fishing Lands is a game of luck weighed by NFT rarity. Players buy fishing rod NFT to boost their chances of a rare catch. Fishing Lands also built farming mechanics to raise animals on digital land plots. 

The Fish Bubble NFT is key to the game’s mechanic of raising fish. Players can buy or earn Fish Bubbles, then set out to breed more rare fish. The Fish NFT are also staked for a minimum period of 90 days, and produce passive tokenized rewards.

Fish earn a token each minute, with bonuses based on rarity. Fish can also be upgraded for higher earnings. This makes Fishing Lands one of the most active remaining games with a GameFi component based on passive income. 

Fishing Lands is based on the WAX blockchain, and counts a few hundred users per day. The current giveaway worked to raise the player count through more interactions with WAX smart contracts. WAX remains one of the fastest and cheapest ways to own and transfer NFT and tokens. The game also has a version on Anchor Protocol, another scaling solution for blockchain games.

Fishing Lands Keeps Assets Within WAX Ecosystem

Currently, Fishing Lands assets have value within the game. Fisher Coin (FSCS) is a limited-supply token. The other two major resources are Fish and Steel. All the tokenized resources have a max supply of 500M. For now, no Fishing Lands resources are trading as crypto tokens or offered on the open market. The game is suitable to start now and accrue resources for the longer run, when they could be monetized.  

Fishing Lands also offers NFT characters to play with, in addition to the fishing rod NFT. Currently, the game’s assets have limited listings on Atomic Hub, the main marketplace on WAX. The game is also worth watching for regular events and giveaways for owners of WAX wallets.

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