Gala Games Adds Town Crush Game to Test Network Capacity

Gala Games offers golden access for $50, with special perks for joining before April 14.
  • TEST token records will happen in real-time to prove the capacity of Gala Chain.
  • Gala Games offers Golden access with perks for buying before April 14.
  • Town Crush models Candy Crush game for the blockchain.

Gala Games introduced a new element to blockchain gaming – a match-three type game, Town Crush. The game, built after the model of Candy Crush, relies on matching items from the Town Star game inventory. 

This additional game, which has been available as free-to-play in the past week, is also testing the new Gala Chain. Currently, P2E games rarely perform on-chain records for every action. But gameplays on Town Crush are recorded on the blockchain, testing a tool to give away token rewards in real-time. 

DappRadar noted the new game has the potential to show the transaction capacity of the new blockchain. The TEST token awarded is currently just a placeholder and will not be paid out or traded.

The new game is a part of the alpha test of Gala Chain, which started on April 11. The game hub’s goal is to use Gala Chain for all games, with almost real time records. Most of the blocks produced in the game can be observed in real time, and will contain Town Crush activities. The game is available for as many players as possible, accessible after the creation of an account on the Gala Games website

Gala Games Offers Golden Ticket

Gala Games offers an exclusive membership to its ecosystem. Gala Gold has been on offer in the past. The current rate to join is $50, with a special rare NFT bonus for joining before April 14. The Gala Gold access pack is gradually raising its price, to incentivize users to adopt early.

Joining Gala Gold will offer faster sales of items in Town Star, as well as perks and daily challenges.

GALA remains among the most active P2E tokens, stabilizing with a price around $0.20. TOWN, the native token of Town Star, trades around $0.09, far from its peak close to $1.80. Despite the setbacks, Gala Games continues to build and switched to a game-first approach. Gala Games remains one of the fullest and most dedicated P2E ecosystems.

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