Gala Games Launches Town Crush Cascade Game Challenge

Gala Games to offer $4M in GALA this May, possibly extending reward programs.
  • Spider Tanks, Town Star also offer exclisive perks in May with referral rewards and in-game GALA earnings.
  • Town Crush still in the experimental stage, testing new Project GYRI blockchain.

Town Crush, a new mini-game in the Gala Games ecosystem, is launching its May Madness special challenge this Monday. Town Crush has been running since April and is the first game to test out the capabilities of Gala Chain.

Players will compete for special NFT rewards to test out the capacity of the new blockchain.

The game itself is listed as a test-stage match 3 puzzle, now taking part in the special reward distribution. Receiving the rewards hinges on owning a Gala Gold pass, a once-paid $50 membership card based on an NFT. 

May Madness Extends to Leading Gala Game Apps

Town Star, the flagship game of Gala, has been running its May Madness series of events since May 3. The game offers special NFT and a still open referral program. The referrals apply to Town Star, as well as Spider Tanks, distributing growing weekly rewards. Additionally, the games set aside GALA tokens for players.

Town Crush is unique in that it attempts to log multiple game events in real-time on the new blockchain. Currently, the block explorer for Gala Games does not display the data on the activity of Town Crush. 

Until now, players of Town Crush could only win TEST tokens on the new Project GYRI blockchain. The TEST token cannot be withdrawn and has no value. Town Crush awards endless lives for a match-3 game. 

Additionally, all Gala Games NFT owners will receive random various new airdrops for valuable items. For Gala Games, one of the well-padded projects, the rewards may continue in the coming months as well. 

Currently, the price of GALA token is on the decline, down to $0.08 after crypto markets shifted direction. TOWN slid to $0.03, close to the lowest levels in the past year. 

Gala Games is one of the experimenters in crypto space, with various possibilities to invest in nodes and exclusive rights. The project also aims to offer completed games and build up its user base despite the weakening market price of its assets.

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