Mirandus: The Next Playtest Coming June 21

Gala Games still building pre-launch Mirandus as one of its ambitious MMORPG projects.
  • Mirandus currently offers previews and a game of luck dropping NFT and rewards.
  • Town Star remains leading game, despite TOWN token falling to $0.01.
  • Mirandus Exemplar NFT almost sold out, Orc, Dwarf and Human categories remain.

Mirandus, one of the top Gala Games MMORPG, set a new playtest for June 21. The owners of Exemplars NFT, the elite avatars of the game, who held a balance of items as of June 17, are eligible for the test.


Exemplars are quickly selling out, with Elf and Halfling breeds already unavailable. Avatars with elite skills are available in the Orc, Dwarf and Human categories, but those are also quickly grabbed. The Mirandus game will be structured around the specific strengths and weaknesses of Exemplars. Once the game launches its beta, Exemplars will set the pace of the game an define its course based on NFT owned.

Mirandus is one of the most ambitious Gala Games offerings, though still building up its player base and selling metaverse NFT. Current smart contract data show Mirandus has just under 400 players with on-chain interactions.

Mirandus is also extremely successful with its themed VOX Collectible avatars. The collection, containing 9,400 playable characters compatible with the Voxies game, has a 0.7 ETH floor price and 11.7K ETH in trading volume so far. At the peak, the collection also reached a price floor of 1.8 ETH, matching the peak gains across all projects.

Gala Games Supports Ecosystem Despite Bear Market

The Mirandus game itself is still in development, currently only operating as a luck game. Golden Ticket owners in the Gala Games ecosystem can play a limited game with item drops and other rewards.

Gala Games has a series of more complex gameplays in the pipeline, at various stages of completion and avatar or character sale campaigns. Gala Games is also developing a blockchain version of Battlestar Galactica, while attempting to distribute its games through mainstream online stores. 

Town Star (TOWN) remains the leading game with blockchain functionalities and a tradable TOWN token. Still, the bear market cut down the price of TOWN from a peak of $2.14 down to $0.019, erasing more than 98% of the value. GALA traded at $0.05, still among top P2E tokens with significant liquidity.

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