ZombieNoid Grabs Players with Newly Launched Mini-Game

ZombieNoid progress can be faster with special items, which can be earned through play.
  • ZombieNoid offers a fast-paced game with disruptor zombies and final bosses.
  • The arcade-style block breaker has a reward system that is free to access.
  • Two-week tournaments will arrive soon, with special token and in-game Gold prizes.

ZombieNoid became one of the most visited games in the past 24 hours, attracting interest with a live mini-game. ZombieNoid arrived this October and launched about three weeks ago, with a fun, comic-style 3D game. The main action is a brick-breaker, with cute cubic zombies as the enemy. 


The game offers P2E income, but was also created as a game-first project with a live mobile app. In the few short weeks since the launch, ZombieNoid onboarded 1,000 users.

ZombieNoid Brings Blockbreaker Nostalgia

ZombieNoid built a high-action game with block-breaking action. Players must reflect attacks and defend their home base, while defeating a series of challenges. This is not an idle game, but a highly dynamic skills-based quest. 

The main action is accessible for free, though ZombieNoid is also ready with its basic tokenization. Like other game-first projects, ZombieNoid is running on Klaytn, one of the low-fee, high-speed blockchains. 

The game is also represented on GemHub, a multi-project store for Web3 games.

How ZombieNoid Integrates Play-And-Earn

The main ZBZ token is trading through a decentralized pair on KlaySwap, the main decentralized exchange on Klaytn. ZBZ/GHUB is for now the main trading pair. 

It is free to start earning with ZombieNoid, players just need to pick one of the special skins and start defeating the monsters. 


The game offers a series of 300 levels, with mini-bosses and disruptor zombies. Defeating the challenges grants players Gold, ZEM in-game tokens and mileage, a form of XP. Players can use their mileage to buy lucky draw tickets and try to win against other players in a lucky wheel challenge.

Gold and mileage can also be used to buy in-game items, which help to defeat some of the harder attacks and final bosses. Players can also earn Wooden Boxes and buy additional keys to gain some of the items. 

The game will also have bi-weekly seasonal periods and offer prizes for reaching the top of the leaderboard. The biggest Gold and ZEM token prizes will go to the top 100 players.

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