Jelly Snake Now Available Globally After New Server Launch

Jelly Snake aims to become a popular mix of Web2 mobile semi-idle fun with the chance to swap in-game Gems for DCB tokens.
  • Jelly Snake is enjoyable as a free app, but offers the chance to earn Purple Gems and DCB tokens.
  • The game is part of the growing portfolio of Play dCube of mini-games and semi-idle one-touch puzzles.
  • Jelly Snake requires the KMINT wallet for earning and KLAY tokens on the Klaytn network for gas fees.

Jelly Snake is now a globally available free-to-play game with earnings features. The game, part of the portfolio of Play dCube, is using a simple and appealing model with Web3 additions, adding to a growing list of Snake game variants. Jelly Snake followed the success of Snake City, a similar game mechanic with NFT snakes. 

Play dCube has now released a global service for Jelly Snake, turning it into one of its central features. The game hub also contains mini puzzle games with free access.

When releasing a new game, Play dCube may also add giveaways or DCB token airdrops, as in the case of Jelly Snake. For now, the main focus is on the global launch, but other mini-games may get similar social media giveaways. 

Jelly Snake is just starting out with downloads as a mobile app, and is yet to break records. For now, the game is not tracked in terms of daily player load. 

Jelly Snake is also tokenized, with the goal of collecting Purple Gem within the game. Purple Gem can be used for upgrades, or exchanged for DCB tokens, or players can buy DCB and acquire Purple Gem for extra advantage. The game’s goal, however, is to limit pay-to-win, instead relying on engagement and fun.

Jelly Snake still has no integrated wallet, and requires the download of MiniApp. To exchange Purple Gems and DCB, the game account must be linked to the KMINT wallet, a multi-chain app. The game runs on Klaytn network, and players that need to interact on-chain must also have some KLAY tokens. This somewhat limits the P2E features, as the game was initially focused on the South Korean market.

Find Bird: New Game Awaiting Release

Play dCube is a prolific studio, currently building another retro puzzle game. Find Bird is now open for pre-registration as a mobile app coming soon.

The list of game is within the genre of one-touch, semi-idle mini features. The end goal is fun with a competitive potential for tournaments and PvP. Play dCube has a growing list of mini puzzles and matching games. The list includes Dodge the Wall, Merge Party, Sushi Break Dash, numeric puzzle Number Shoot and other similar fun puzzles and one-touch tasks.

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