Genopets Adds New Step Counting Tech, Hints at Genesis Pets Importance

Genopets is one of the top games mixing move-to-earn with metaverse, exploration and battle game.
  • Genopets asks for a correct setup on Google Fit step tracking.
  • New battle game is coming soon, players need Augments to boost Genopet stats.
  • Genopets aims to become top Solana network game.

Genopets remains one of the top mixes of move-to-earn lifestyle app and a metaverse game. Now, the game is encouraging NFT owners to hold onto their Pets and evolve them, with special perks for Genesis owners

This is yet another hint from Genopets about the potential utility of the early, exclusive NFT collection. Genopets remain one of the most highly valued NFT with a relatively high entry price. Currently, the collection has a 42 SOL floor price. 

Genopets also adds value though Habitats, another exclusive metaverse NFT, as well as Refined Crystals, a game resource used for crafting. Genesis Habitats have utility by producing more types of Crystals, but do not bring KI income like Genesis pets. 

Augments: What they Do for the Game

Augments are a currently available game drop that will be highly important once the game implements battle and arena modes. Augments are items with four levels of rarity, and the ability to multiply the stats of a Genopet.

Players can currently compete for Augments in all game modes, with the potential to boost their Pets and make them more competitive in the game.

Recently, Genopets also added new features to its Treasure Hunt mode, making the game more rewarding.

The game also makes step tracking easier for those that want the steps challenge. Genopets uses Google Fit v. 0.3.3 to improve its tracking. 

The Genopets game aims to remain one of the top Solana apps and boost value from NFT and playing. In September and October, the GENE token slid by more than 50%, losing the $5 tier, and now trading at $2.05. 

Genopets will also become part of the next Solana meetup, the Breakpoint event in Lisbon, running November 4-7. This may boost the game’s exposure and expand attention for the Solana ecosystem. 

Genopets only uses the network occasionally, as most assets exist within the game and do not need transactions for everyday actions. This gives Genopets a relatively low score on daily players.

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