Genopets to Focus on Crafting as its Next Major Update

Genopets crafting will require the discovery of recipes and multiple items to add custom body parts to the NFT Pets.
  • Genopets is closing in on its crafting update, which will burn KI tokens.
  • The game has already added the first elements of care for the digital Pets.
  • Players must remember to bank steps and earn treasures and items for their Pets.

Genopets is trying to bring more engagement to its Pet raising process. The next step will be to introduce crafting, which will add custom body parts. Crafting in the game will require a long process of finding resources and recipes, and will create relatively rare upgraded Pets.

Crafting will engage players more with the metaverse side of Genopets, in addition to more care and petting functionalities.

The Pets will gain additional importance once the game adds battle mode. Currently, Genopets is also evolving its move-to-earn aspect. Banking steps is still important for the game, especially for earning the KI token for upgrades. Steps can translate to more resources and edible items for the Pets.

Players must remember to bank their steps and exchange them for in-game items. During the idle exploration, the Pet will discover various edibles and treasures which can be acquired only for banked steps. 

Genopets Builds Web3 Model

Genopets is now closer to a Web3 game, as most of its transactions are happening within the game. KI is usually not swapped for GENE, but used within the game. The move-to-earn aspect is also not a key to oversized earnings. KI tokens may also become an integral part of crafting, further diminishing their supply. For now, KI and GENE remain subdued due to the overall bear market that affected all game tokens.

The key to the game is also the readiness of players to hold Pets. Most of the Genesis NFT have not changed hands. Additionally, Pets do not work the same way as Trainers in other move-to-earn games, where overproduction quickly brings down prices. At this stage, Genopets has achieved some balance, while also onboarding 300K players with its mix of lifestyle and NFT metaverse game.

Genopets also keeps building despite its reliance on the Solana blockchain. Solana was exposed to risk from the FTX crypto exchange and has seen an outflow of liquidity. But the blockchain remains reliable to carry all Genopets assets and facilitate the game advancements.

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