Genopets Launches Genoverse, to be Promoted by Tessera Project

Genopets aims to boost its engagement and grow the game ahead of the battle mode launch.
  • Genopets will introduce its metaverse dimension, the Genoverse.
  • The game will be featured during the Breakpoint Solana event in Lisbon next week.
  • Genopets encourages the holding of land plots and Genesis Pets.

Genopets is adding another element to its mix – a metaverse running on the Solana blockchain. This extends the game’s mix of move-to-earn, digital pets, upgrading and crafting. The Genoverse, will be the world to unite digital land plots and allow the Genopets digital pets to explore.

Genopets has not revealed any details on the exact launch date of the Genoverse. But the product will be presented as part of Tessera, the special marketing hub to present and promote Web3 and metaverse projects. Tessera has several partners, with Genopets among them, and will reveal more details in the coming weeks. 

Genopets will thus boost its community outreach, adding to its reputation as one of the most active P2E games on social media. The game will also be featured during the Breakpoint conference, running from November 4-7 in Lisbon, to present the Solana ecosystem. 

Solana Offers Home for Web3 Games

The Solana network keeps growing its list of projects and is home to multiple NFT collections and games. Currently, Genopets is not among top Solana games, but can gain significant exposure from the network. 

Genopets also has a BNB Chain version, but plans to be prominent in the Solana ecosystem. The Solana network already carries high-activity game hubs like Gameta and Tap Fantasy. Genopets may boost its player count once it moves to the battle game stage. 

The game continues to encourage the holding of Genesis Pets, some of the most rare NFT with special features. The playable characters, which go through stages, can affect KI earnings and battle outcomes. 

Genopets has also started with a series of puzzles, as well as releasing pages from its crafting book. The goal for players is to use resources from their own land plots, or from rented digital land, and produce more complex recipes.

The game’s recent exposure also boosted the price of GENE. The token moved up slightly to $2.12 after the latest recovery of the crypto market.

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