Gunfire Avax Prepares for Mint of FIFA 2022 NFT

Gunfire Avax offers referrals to earn extra GUNX and share in the players’ profits.
  • Gunfire Avax offers a free start with the chance to earn GUNX tokens in the game.
  • GUNX is generated in the game and will run on the Avalanche network.
  • Gunfire Avax has a referral program with passive income potential.

Gunfire Avax, one of the most widely distributed Web3 games, is now adding a free mint for NFT owners. The game’s fandom can now compete for 50 free spots to mint the new collection.

Gunfire Avax is one of the completed games with shooter mechanics and a free-to-play version. The game also organizes regular tournaments and is now heading up to its fourth short season. The third season ended over the weekend and the game is about to distribute rewards. 

This project is a semi-idle quest, where players control the character’s movement, but the locking of targets and shooting is automated.

What Makes Gunfire Avax Appealing

Gunfire Avax is free to start and offers a similar onboarding process to Web2 games. Currently, a few dozen players interact with Avalanche smart contracts, while some of the activity is happening off-chain.

The game offers a labyrinth-like progress, with enemies and obstacles. Players can choose PvE quest or PvP battles. 

Gunfire Avax Awaits Token Generation Event

At the current time, Gunfire Avax has only issued NFT, including equippable items, clothes, and mystery boxes. The game still uses AVAX tokens to trade its items. 

Players, however, can start even now with the game’s free version and accrue in-game tokens. GUNX tokens will exist off-chain until the time for their minting on the Avalanche C-Chain. Around the end of 2022, the game also expects to start trading GUNX.

Around 150K GUNX has been minted from in-game activity, including PvE, PvP and Endless Ticket. Gunfire Avax also awards AVAX tokens. 

Gunfire Avax is also one of the games with a sustainable model. The more players join, the higher the reward pool from entry tickets. This allows the game to scale, with around 110K reported registered users.

Additionally, Gunfire Avax has an active referral program, which boosts the potential to earn GUNX tokens and become an early owner. Each registered user can claim a referral link and add to the game’s earnings. Referrers will also receive a percentage of the lifetime game rewards of their referee.

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