Avalanche C-Chain Marks 3M Wallets on P2E, Gaming Growth

Avalanche (AVAX) draws in NFT producers and games looking for a fast, cheap network.
  • Avalanche C-Chain manages to carry more than 800K transactions per day.
  • Top game apps drive wallet growth, subnets expand network usage.
  • Step App rises to the top of move-to-earn Avalanche apps.

Avalanche C-Chain is among the most actively growing blockchains with special features for decentralized finance and gaming. The relatively low fees and wallet compatibility make Avalanche C-Chain the go-to choice for P2E games and a set of NFT collections. 


Avalanche C-Chain was handling more than 800K transactions per day, on par with larger networks. Those transactions served top gas burners like Crabada, but the game is now migrating to Swimmer Network. 

Avalanche C-Chain has additional potential for new blockchain games, with the TimeShuffle project picking it as the base blockchain for its two-token model. Avalanche also encourages games to build their own subnets and create a separate fee ecosystem. 


The Avalanche network also attracts former Ethereum tokens and dApps. The Avalanche-Ethereum bridge was the most active in the past quarter, according to the Nansen report. The bridge carried $26.1B in value, with no reports of exploits.

Move-to-Earn Comes to Avalanche

Another trending type of game, move-to-earn, has also joined Avalanche C-Chain. Step App, a game competing with STEPN (GMT), ranked as the second busiest game on C-Chain. The ranking was also affected by the migration of Play Crabada away from C-Chain and into Swimmer Network.

Step App is also growing its influence, recently getting the FITFI token listed to major exchanges. FITFI has the advantage of being accessible through MetaMask wallet set up for Avalanche C-Chain.

Avalanche Network Still Locks Value Reserves

Even after the cryptocurrency market slide, Avalanche carries $4.7B in total value locked (TVL). Most of the value locked is in lending protocols or decentralized exchanges. 

The advantage of Avalanche is that some of the game tokens can be swapped through the likes of Trader Joe and Pangolin Exchange. 

AVAX, the native token of Avalanche, trades at $29.53 after the latest market shakedown, but has risen above $100 and lined up among influential crypto assets. AVAX is a tool for paying gas fees and has the advantage of high liquidity and availability for direct buying or swapping.

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