How to Get Solana SOL Tokens for Play to Earn

Solana (SOL) is, luckily, one of the most easily accessible crypto assets. Getting SOL is a chance to enter early into a growing list of Solana-based play to earn games. 

Use Easy Swap for SOL

One of the easiest swap tools is Changelly, which is available in multiple trading pairs with Ethereum (ETH) and other tokens. 

If no other cryptocurrencies are available to make the swap, Changelly also offers direct purchase through Apple Pay and bank cards. 

Get SOL Through Wallet

Binance Wallet, which we have reviewed in more detail, also offers an option for debit card purchase. 

Trust Wallet, which can be synchronized with a Binance Exchange account, also offers access to swaps or card purchase.

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Use Available Brokerages

The other potential tool to acquire SOL is to go through the most widely available retail brokerages. For US-based buyers, a Coinbase account may be a suitable tool. For EU-based buyers, Bitpanda is more accessible. 

Keep in mind brokerages may have limited availability and deposit or withdrawal limits. SOL can be a volatile asset, which has outperformed the market. For that reason, some trades may be limited. 

Go Through Fintech App

Advcash, a simple fintech app, can also grant access to SOL, though not directly. The app allows for a cash purchase of a limited number of assets. Those assets can then be swapped for SOL by one of the above methods, including in-wallet swaps. 

For now, Advcash does not allow for SOL direct purchases. 

Do Trading Platforms Work for SOL

To participate in play to earn, you will need to buy and hold the actual tokens. The eToro copy trading platform added SOL in October 2021. So far, the platform does not serve US-based investors. 

The eToro wallet allows for withdrawals into another wallet. But buying SOL on eToro is mostly used for trading, so it is not the best option to acquire and transfer SOL for play to earn. 

Make sure you have physical custody of the coins, and do not leave them in exchange wallets. SOL can then be transferred to mint new in-game items for play to earn, or for other types of gaming tasks.

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