Making Web3 Popular: Marketing Tools for Developers and Teams Open in 2023

Web3 marketing is part of the process of app development. New tools are appearing in 2023 for user outreach, loyalty, campaigns, AI content creation and data services.

The popularization of Web3 is still happening through existing social media. The inertia of Internet communication cannot be swapped overnight, but Web3 products seek ways to be integrated into that communication. 

Play2Moon picked some of the best tools targeting both developers and project marketers. The tools connect Web3 to the wider internet both in terms of content, and in terms of technology and data. Tools are constantly evolving, and new types of approaches are becoming relevant, hence the list of currently active tools in Q2, 2023.

Brave Software: First Marketing Use Case for the Blockchain

Brave’s set of tools, especially its browser, was an early use case for the blockchain. Tokenizing web ads and user behavior went beyond the use case of simply trading and swapping tokens. Basic Attention Token (BAT) also had a long run as a liquid asset. 

Lately, Brave has moved on to cover the needs of Web3, retaining its main idea of decentralized communication and user-owned value. 

Brave itself became a marketer for NFT collections in late 2022 with its first airdrop. Brave served as infrastructure for Web3 marketers, and has partnered with multiple agencies. Brave tools, including a wallet and the main browser, can help popularize games and Web3 projects.

Mar3 AI: Content Creation Services

Mar3 AI is covering the content aspect of social media campaigns. The Web3 startup was fast to tap the image-generation and text-generation potential of existing AI.

For small projects, boosting content with AI tools may be key, whether for campaigns or for NFT image generation. Mar3 AI is still in its early stages and its impact is yet to be felt in Web3 space.

Mar3 is also capable of carrying out NFT campaigns with a mint tool, allowing creators to build collections and sell them on OpenSea with no need to code.

Users can generate even one NFT or more if they plan to build a collection with various levels of AI assistance. The end goal is for projects to be able to generate whole campaigns for NFT collections or games within a few hours.

Polyflow User Retention Platform: Targeting Fans Directly

Polyflow is a multi-tool platform to capture a variety of users and their different paths to using Web3. Adoption for Web3 comes from former crypto holders, as well as from NFT collectors or gamers, each requiring a different toolset and with a different initial approach to ownership. 

Polyflow is growing its toolset, with more features coming by request. One of the main resources for developers is an error log, where developers can see the most common wallet interactions and their results.

Polyflow combines a campaign dashboard with specific on-chain data, basing user behavior on both Web2 and wallet activities. The tools can gather data on token activities or NFT trading. Web3 projects can then track more than their social media, and move into detailed reports on trading events or NFT mints and secondary market activities. 

All the data for Polyflow can cover multiple blockchains. The dashboards can be used to visualize and track data for multiple blockchains. 

LaZi Social: Engagement for Earnings

LaZi Social is a new tool to tap existing social media interactions, for example, Crypto Twitter. The tool helps anyone to export their Web2 brand into Web3, by turning content into an NFT. 

LaZi Social also offers unique blockchain-based usernames to tie to the brand identity. End users or projects can seek ways to monetize their engagement and content.

LaZi Social will also expand its tools with LAZI domain names. The project is still in its initial stages, and mostly relies on social media to spread its message. Pre-approval listing through Discord will distribute the available LaZi marketing and Web3 identity tools.

Web3M: Advertising Across the Web3 Space

The current Web3 space has formed multiple partnerships, but there is still a need for cross-compatible tools. Web3M aims to become the interactive tool for marketing, capable of reaching users across the entire Web3 space. 

Web3M can reach out to both crypto communities and Web3 followers, with tools to post advertising content and track engagement.

Web3M also overlaps with Web3 data tools, with a focus on specific insights for user engagement and advertising effect. Web3M also offers marketing techniques and insights for campaigns.

Web3M also has AI tools to set up campaigns, and then distribute them across the most common channels for blockchain users, traders, NFT investors and gamers. Owners of Web3 startups can choose to use Web3M just for analytics, including user sentiment. Based on the data, teams can also automate the launch of an entire ad campaign. 

Web3 marketing is a quickly evolving field, heavily influenced by perception and sentiment. Game builders and NFT issuers are trying to convince their users, but also retain them and show the projects are more than a fad. More tools are coming to the space, with the goal of consolidating the audience and achieving loyalty.

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