NFT Recovery: Tools Available to Track Web3 Market Trends

NFT remains a key element to building Web3 communities with ownership and personal engagement.
  • OpenSea now offers P2P trading to boost available deals.
  • NFT on auction sites still have to deal with fluctuations in liquidity and interest.
  • Communities and traders are still standing by for a new bull cycle.

    The NFT world is key to the expansion of Web3, offering new ownership tools. The NFT community is also ready for new growth, and is already well-versed in the crypto tools, wallet usage and marketplaces. 

    Recently, OpenSea also offered a clearing house for P2P deals, going beyond the auction model.

    But Web3 and NFT are still waiting for a boost from the next bull market. While collecting rare items, tools are still available to notice trends and prepare for the next trading cycle, which will also revive gaming and NFT markets.

    Below are some of the most useful tools to track NFT performance and trends. 

    • Nansen: Nansen is a data analytics platform that provides insights into the on-chain activity of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. It offers comprehensive data and analysis on NFT trends, popular collections, and token movements, helping investors make informed decisions.
    • DappRadar: Originally focused on decentralized applications (dApps), DappRadar expanded its services to include NFT tracking. It offers data and analytics on NFT sales, volume, and user activity across various marketplaces and applications.
    • TokenTrove: TokenTrove is an NFT discovery and signal platform that helps users find trending and undervalued NFTs. It provides real-time alerts and market analysis to assist investors in identifying potential opportunities in the NFT space.
    • NonFungible: NonFungible is an online platform that offers NFT market analytics and insights. It tracks NFT sales, top collections, and popular marketplaces, providing users with a comprehensive view of the NFT market.
    • is an artificial intelligence-powered NFT analytics platform. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze NFT market data and identify trends, helping users discover promising NFT projects.
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