Best Wallets for Solana Play to Earn

The Solana network is one of the blockchains promising access to up and coming play to earn games. The SOL asset has multiple wallets for holding and transfers, but the necessary feature is a wallet that can hold and organize NFTs easily, while connecting to play to earn games. 

Getting Access to SPL Tokens

SPL tokens are the equivalent of ERC-20 tokens on Solana. Tokens proved to be a versatile asset to connect new users and drive economic value for many types of blockchain-based businesses. Tokens are also essential for play to earn, both as an in-game currency and as a reward mechanism. 

For instance, the Exodus wallet is totally incompatible so far with Solana-based SPL tokens, and is only a good choice to get on board with SOL. Then, to join a play to earn game directly, it is more suitable to use a Trust Wallet or Phantom Wallet. 

Phantom Wallet

The Phantom Wallet experience is close to other web-based wallets, but this tool is specifically tailored to the Solana network. 

The Phantom Wallet works as a browser extension, similar to MetaMask and Binance Wallet. The private key is derived through a 12-word seed phrase, which can be used to rebuild the wallet. Both the key and the password must be stored safely as they are not renewable and not kept by the wallet provider.

Trust Wallet for Solana

Trust wallet has one of the most powerful multi-asset features for play to earn. The big advantage of Trust is the capability to search for tokens. For instance, the wallet grants access to the Raydium ecosystem and the RAY token, which is one of the platforms planning multiple play to earn releases. 

Trust Wallet also has NFT display capabilities, making it possible to hold in-game items intuitively. 

BitKeep Plugin and Mobile Wallet

BitKeep combines mobile capabilities with a plugin version for those that prefer browser access.

The multi-asset plugin offers a multi-chain experience, with Solana among the basic selection of blockchains. The wallet is also suitable for play to earn games on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. 

The BitKeep wallet can connect to browser distributed apps, similar to other plugin wallets. It is a simple tool to also contain NFTs and SPL reward tokens or native assets.

Games may have different wallet requirements, but basic access to the most prominent hot wallets can be used to start with play to earn on Solana.

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