Imperium Empires Launches Apollo Season 2

Imperium Empires offers metaverse building for a home base, as well as mining, looting and resource battles.
  • Imperium Empires aims to reach 3B gamers and offer a high-quality game with Web3 value.
  • IME token already tradable and used for small rewards.
  • The game will introduce team-to-earn rules and foster the creation of guilds.

Imperium Empires, one of the most ambitious Avalanche games, has launched its Apollo Season 2. The season is open for NFT owners, who will receive their rewards at the end of the gaming period. 

Imperium Empires aims to bring together an AAA-grade game with DeFi capabilities. The game is still in development and recently tested the NFT sale capabilities of the Avalaunch app. Imperium Empires is listed among top 25 games on Avalanche C-Chain, and has nearly 70 users interacting with its smart contracts.

Imperium Empires is one of the games with ambitions of reaching a mass audience of gamers, while also giving them access to Web3 ownership. The game team wants to compete on a level basis with traditional games by offering top-notch graphics. 

Imperium Empires Aims to Build Team-to-Earn World

The other tool of Imperium is to create guilds of players, which will add a loyalty element to the game and boost engagement. The game’s model has been called “team-to-earn”, encouraging cooperation between players to complete missions. 

The game’s metaverse is separated into Zones with varied levels of risk and difficulty, as well as reward potential. Players use the Safe Zone to build their home base, and visit other zones for battles, looting or mining. The game has also added a piracy component to its resource gameplay.

To avoid the devaluation of in-game assets, Imperium Empires will also burn NFT from the game during PvE missions or PvP battles, to boost rarity and value. The game also wants to move beyond simple staking to add gains, while also avoiding the strip-mining of tokens and total loss of value.

Next NFT Mint Coming on September 1

Before the full game launches, Imperium Empires aims to bring mini-challenges and NFT mints. The next chance to mint an NFT and win prizes arrives this September 1, offering in-game vehicle NFT.

In addition to NFT items, Imperium Empires has launched IME, its native token. The asset fluctuated between $0.05 and $0.0008 and so far has limited utility for the game. IME makes use of Trader Joe and Pangolin, the leading Avalanche decentralized exchanges, and also trades on MEXC.

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