Avalaunch Picks Top P2E Games, Helps with Significant Funding

Avalanche is still one of the most attractive blockchains for upcoming or ready-built P2E games.
  • Avalaunch helps expand the Avalanche ecosystem with both games and utility projects.
  • Battle of Giostone IDO coming on October 4.
  • Avalaunch helped raise millions for hand-picked gaming projects.

Avalaunch, one of the top fundraising apps on Avalanche, also serves as an indicator of some of the most prominent P2E games. Avalaunch is working with reliable projects, which are dedicated to bring out a completed game and are seeking the best tools for a Web3 component. 

Avalaunch held several high-profile IDOs, with games like Metaderby easily reaching significant fundraising targets even during the bear market. 


Some of the top games on Avalaunch managed to raise more than $1M, boosting their chances for long-term development. Battle for Giostone is one of those games, aiming to hold its IDO on October 4. The IDO’s target this time is at $400K. 


Battle of Giostone is a team-based defense game, with strategic choice of Heroes based on skills and strengths.

Avalanche Offers Full Set of Services from Blockchain Startups

With its rapid development, Avalaunch and the Avalanche blockchain managed to get ahead of older platforms. Avalanche managed to line up as one of the busiest NFT sale and resale hubs, potentially helping all games that also want to launch a collection.


Avalaunch is also open about managing the risks of a crypto-funded project. The hub serves not only as a raw IDO platform, but as an incubator, trying to make the best of real development opportunities. For that reason, Avalaunch also seeks projects with already well-established teams and even some external funding. 

Avalaunch is also helping Avalanche build up the external structure and additional projects that help P2E games. New NFT tools, decentralized markets and other utility projects are one of the most active on Avalanche. 


The spread of Avalanche projects also adds liquidity and options to all assets on the blockchain. After the launch of Core, Avalanche is also one of the best-integrated ecosystems, with a single point of access for NFT and all tradable tokens. 

AVAX, the main token, is now down to $17.78 after another bear market slide. Yet this token remains highly liquid and accessible. Users can gain access to C-Chain, an alternative to Ethereum, or use one of the growing list of subnets for specific projects.

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