League of Kingdoms Opens NFT Event for New Drago Breeding

Drago will have seven body parts inherited from the parents’ features.
  • Owning Drago NFT will grant access to DST passive income.
  • League of Kingdoms still has more success as free MMO game.
  • LOKA token hovers at $1.29, making the new Drago mint relatively expensive.

League of Kingdoms opened its Genesis Drago Minting event, paid only in LOKA tokens. Owners of Drago can pick their NFT dragons to breed, selecting a payment tier and producing varied levels of new Drago characters based on the LOKA fees.

The breeding fees will take into account the type of Drago parents and the rarity of their dragon egg. 

  • 80 LOKA (Regular x Regular parents)
  • 240 LOKA (Legendary x Regular parents)
  • 400 LOKA (Legendary x Legendary parents)

All new Drago mints will have seven parts, determined by their parent DNA.

This minting event is relatively exclusive, given the current price of LOKA at $1.29. The event also had an issue with hatching, and will be resumed tomorrow. LOKA has the advantage of relatively high liquidity, as the token trades on Binance and is accessible to buyers.


The new Drago mint also coincides with warnings about fake mints on Instagram. Play to earn games are still trying to boost their NFT model, despite the overall market lag and loss of interest even in high-profile collections.

League of Kingdoms Attempts to Reinvent P2E Model

League of Kingdoms is also one of the games that has offered digital land ownership for passive LOKA rewards. However, the land has not proven as lucrative as previously expected, making users rethink the utility of land sales due to the slow return on investment.

Some of the players remain skeptical, because owning a Drago is a prerequisite to earn DST token income. DST still has no price discovery and the steep fees to breed may not be recovered by future earnings. 

League of Kingdoms has the advantage of being a high-profile game with significant interest in its NFT. The game, however, is played mostly in free MMO mode, leaving only 25 players registered by DappRadar. League of Kingdoms remains successful as a free game, while also trying to find the best P2E model. 

League of Kingdoms also has a potential market for mined resources, but only a very small attempt at listing on OpenSea.

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