League of Kingdoms Returns to Land Sales

League of Kingdoms opens its first land sale in a year this March 14, with 6,022 land plots in a falling-price auction.

League of Kingdoms is a play to earn game with strategy elements. In March, a new season for land sales is coming, with Land 3.0 to launch soon. The addition of more metaverse land plots will increase the potential of League of Kingdoms for NFT-based earrings. The land sales arrive this March 17. 


League of Kingdoms has not offered land sales in a year, and hopes this time the sale raises renewed interest in the game. League of Kingdoms is also one of the game present with multiple Guilds, with the potential to sell metaverse land plots to guild organizations. 

The land sale will favor LOKA token owners, but also accept Ethereum. A total of 6,022 metaverse land plots will be offered for sale in a Dutch auction with diminishing prices.

What Happened to the LOKA Token

The LOKA token was one of the most recent Binance Launchpad sales, giving the asset a high-profile trading start. LOKA rose to a peak above $2.80, before retreating on choppy trading. Currently, LOKA stands at $1.97, with highly volatile price moves. 

Land plot trading remains relatively active, with 5,200 items listed on OpenSea, and 2,600 ETH in volumes. The floor price for land plots is 0.015 ETH. 

League of Kingdoms Opens New Season

The League of Kingdoms game opened a new series of PvP tournaments in March. Active gameplay also helps make skins and other items in the game highly attractive. 


Despite the game’s promises, however, League of Kingdoms has arrived with multiple troubling reports. 

Players report the game as having bugs or not working at all. For others, loss of accounts may be a problem. With rather expensive NFTs, players are worried of losing their accounts and their progress. Despite the hype, League of Kingdoms and the LOKA token must be approached with caution.

Some of the bugs may be coming from precautions against bots, which are also affecting the experience of real players. Anti-bot mechanisms have raised complaints players are locked out for being too skillful and moving too fast.

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