League of Kingdoms Nominated got Gam3 Polkastarter Rewards

League of Kingdoms is among top P2E games, with a longer track record and more than 500K downloads in two years.
  • League of Kingdoms offers daily and weekly quests.
  • The game is among the top for the BSC ecosystem, driven by the LOKA token.
  • Dragon and Land NFT offer passive income.

After a dynamic year for P2E and Web3 games, League of Kingdoms emerges as one of the potential leaders. The MMO strategy game is still keeping up its player base by offering daily and weekly challenges for extra engagement. Now, League of Kingdoms is among the finalists for the Gam3 rewards to pick the best game of the year based on community votes. 


League of Kingdoms has been around since 2020, and is one of the games thriving despite the bear market. One of the reasons is the early creation of its token model, meaning LOKA was well represented and more reliable compared to newer game tokens. LOKA still managed to gain attention by becoming one of the top gainers in the BNB Chain ecosystem. 


LOKA currently trades at $0.41, near its lower range, underscoring the need for games to also be fun and engaging. 

The game’s main driver, however, is its success as a Web2 app, with more than 500K downloads on Google App Store. The game has a simple but appealing civilization-building mechanic, with ownership of the land. The game sill has limited on-chain activity, with most challenges happening off the blockchain.

League of Kingdoms Retains NFT Value

League of Kingdoms has two main types of NFT, the Land and the Dragons, with current valuations around 0.2-0.3 ETH. In the future, the game will also add skins and the resources will become tradable. 

Land earns ETH rewards for  players, while Dragons earn DST token rewards within the game. The goal is to expand, train armies, forge alliances and focus on the right type of enemies or tasks in order to win the weekly challenges.

There are also indications that League of Kingdom NFT are still enjoying active trading. Daily activity for the game also shows spikes in activity where more items change hands. 


In addition to the trading of NFT, owners of the game’s Land get a share of the resources that other players farm or mine from the land plot.

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