LearnWeb3 Targets Developers with Token-Based Earnings

Web3 training and job opportunities underscore continued demand for decentralized features, gaming, DeFi and other products.
  • LearnWeb3 will add more job hubs and building projects to expand its developer community.
  • From June 21, a learn-and-earn tokenized program will offer incentives to complete Web3 tracks.
  • LearnWeb3 offers a mix of general learning and specialized tracks.

Web3 education is one of the most powerful tools to draw in developer talent. A new feature, combining Web3 resources and courses, also adds earnings opportunities for adoption. 

LearnWeb3 is a new startup offering the latest knowledge on building apps and connecting them to the right blockchain features. The learning and earning opportunity follows the model of some of Binance’s trading resources. The training and reward program will open from June 21. 


LearnWeb3 has offered multiple resources and job openings for the past year, now reaching the stage of additional incentives. The learn-and-earn program has already gone through beta testing with developers from the community. 

LearnWeb3 Offers New Career Path

LearnWeb3 is one of the leading resources that is also supporting a large community of developers. Additionally, LearnWeb3 also hosts career opportunities and job openings in Web3, serving as a marker of growth and interest. 

LearnWeb3 is also expanding its learning tracks to new networks, adding to its basic package and professional tracks. The hub already hosts special Celo and Flow network tracks. LearnWeb3 is also expanding its partnerships with new Web3 projects. The latest addition is Kleoverse, a project with the goal of creating Web3 careers. 


Adding new projects will also expand the 40+ partner list of the learn-and-earn program. The launch of the LearnWeb3 version 2.0 is also happening in partnership with Biconomy, a source for seamless app builders with account abstraction tools.

LearnWeb3 will keep its educational resources free, focusing on some of the most common Web3 techniques and issues. Additionally, the platform will have a social function, which helps it tap developer talent for the community and for beta testing. 

Other opportunities include hackathons, international events, bounties and job boards and team formations from the community. 

LearnWeb3 hosts information on the general features of Web3, as well as on specific high-profile projects such as ChainLink. The courses also cover topics in token-based finance, smart contract building and automation, DeFi and Web3 value transfers and token-based economies.

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