Bware Labs Offers Web3 Tools and Support for Developer Teams

Bware Labs offers one of the fastest tools for calls to as many as 40 top blockchains.
  • Bware Labs offers a mix of community and free services, as well as enterprise-grade consultations.
  • Bware Labs will expand its toolset of Web3 features for fast blockchain access.
  • Bware Labs targets developer teams, companies, as well as blockchain builders.

Bware Labs is offering the model of curated Web3 tools, aiming to reach developer teams and become part of the growing Web3 ecosystem. Since March 2023, Bware Labs has launched a new toolset for Web3 builders. 

Bware Labs is also the creator of BlastAPI, which includes fast access and calls to 40 blockchains. With additional products, Bware Labs aims to become the go-to spot for new Web3 projects and all their connectivity needs, tokenization and other tools.

Bware Labs reports 40 enterprise clients, and will offer partially curated service, similar to Ignitions. Currently, Bware secures $5B in blockchain-based value through its Web3 tools. Bware aims to become the standard for high performance and boost Web3 adoption. 

Bware Labs Offers Key Builder Tools

In addition to the BlastAPI, Bware Labs offers SDK, public APIs, data and indexing services, as well as faucet-creation tools. The tools are available for independent teams, but Bware Labs is also forging special connections with enterprises. 

Enterprise-grade clients can also have access to consultancy and a guided process every step of the way. Business customers have white-label validators and custom blockchain access for even more seamless integration.

Bware works with existing blockchains, but also offers tools to any new blockchain, with the goal of fostering adoption. Each new blockchain can join Bware and offer basic Web3 integration elements for developers.

Bware also works with scaling solutions, allowing project teams to build Avalanche subnets or other side chains for scalability, where they are available. Polygon Supernets are also available through the toolset. Again, this type of solution is guided by Bware affiliated blockchain experts.

Bware Plans to Tokenize its Ecosystem

Bware Labs will issue the INFRA token and make it a tradable asset, with utility in the Web3 ecosystem. The INFRA token has no set date for its launch, but there are plans to list it before the end of Q2.
In addition to the token, Bware is also building up a social media community. The project is offering a series of quests to become part of the community, with several task tiers to unlock.

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