Starbucks Picks Polygon for Web3 Launch of Odyssey Beta

Starbucks will offer immersive journeys for points, and owning exclusive stamps can grant access to rare physical items of the brand.
  • Starbucks is now testing a limited launch for an NFT-based loyalty program.
  • App users can collect stamps or buy them with a debit card.
  • While no crypto ownership is needed, the NFT will be secured on Polygon.

Starbucks Odyssey Beta is a landmark in Web3 projects, extending the brand with a new blockchain game. This time, the game picked Polygon, a well-established network that kept adding new games in 2022. Polygon remained relatively unfazed by the bear market and helped multiple games add NFT and tokens with low fees.

Odyssey Beta is a Web3 version of the Starbucks loyalty program, powered by tokens and with NFT ownership. The decision to put NFT in the place of loyalty cards arrives despite the bear market and shows new use cases for the secure token standard.

Odyssey Beta only launched for a limited selection of Starbucks loyalty clients based in the US. Players can join Journeys, which are interactive coffee-themed experiences, acquiring NFT that can be redeemed or used in the real-world loyalty program. 

Players need to collect Stamps NFT, some of which are rare. The goal is to exchange Stamps for real-life items, promotions or exclusive sales. The app will also include a marketplace at one point, allowing players to trade stamps. There is one-app access to all assets, and no need to use a separate Polygon wallet. 

Starbucks Odyssey Beta to Grow User Base in 2023

The app has a longer waiting list, and more players will also be added after January 2023. The app will also allow purchases with a debit card, and only use Polygon for the NFT records, not for crypto-based purchases. Players with early access may have an advantage in acquiring exclusive Stamps. The app’s goal is exclusivity – for interactive games, Journeys, content or real-world items not available anywhere else.

Starbucks uses mostly the ownership element of Polygon, with no speculative potential. The move resembles that of Louis Vuitton, which also released an interactive adventure game with a fashion theme. The move by Starbucks is another boost to the use cases of Web3, which has been viewed as an idea with no applications. However, exclusive access and loyalty are one of the growing applications, giving value to NFT ownership. The move by Starbucks also recalls Bored Ape Yacht Club, which also offered physical world items and perks.

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