Luna Rush Completes Reward Rebalancing, Prepares for Land Sale

Luna Rush gains popularity as it prepares for PvP gameplay and a land plot presale.

Luna Rush, one of the recently trending play to earn games, completed a recent maintenance period and rebalancing. The upgrades affected boss fights, while also putting in an incentive to wait out before cashing out of the game. The in-game mLUS token can be withdrawn, but more mature tokens will have lower withdrawal fees.

Luna Rush has also prepared multiple events for the days ahead. After the rebalancing, Luna Rush plans to open a liquidity pool to give value to its reward token, and plans an upcoming NFT drop.

Luna Rush is one of the games that is making forays into becoming a prominent headline in play to earn. The game is set to take off with completed PvP mechanics soon. The metaverse land presale will also boost both demand for game tokens and the popularity of Luna Rush. 

LUS Token Remains Highly Risky

The native LUS token gave Luna Rush some reasons to incentivize against withdrawals. LUS has a single liquidity pair on PancakeSwap, so any attempts to cash out take a deep cut on the market price. 

LUS lost nearly 60% of its value in the past week alone, sinking to $1.69 from a trend that looked like touching $5. 

LUS was still among the top 30 trending coins based on the recent CoinGecko chart. 

LUS lines up with other highly active play to earn projects, though still far from the peak positions of Smooth Love Potion (SLP), still the most actively traded P2E token.

How Land Works in Luna Rush

Luna Rush will only ever have 6,000 land plots, soon to arrive in a pre-sale event. There are four types of biomes for land plots. Land plots can be used by the player, or lent for a fee. They can also host quests for other players and also fetch fees.

Land plots will provide special utility, based on the closeness to events. The position and choice of plot will have utility once PvP gameplay goes live.

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