Luna Rush: Why This Game Suddenly Turned Hot

Luna Rush (LUS) lined up among trending tokens after significant weekly gains despite the bear market.

Luna Rush is the latest play to earn game to trend on a mix of new developments and a highly active token price. 

LUS, the native token of Luna Rush, appreciated by 30% in a week, lining up among top gainers. LUS traded at $3.59, getting within sight of its all-time high at $4.42. LUS was among the more successful play to earn tokens, managing to appreciate rapidly after its trading launch on January 8. 

At the start of its trading history, LUS was under $0.50, and did not repeat the pattern of new play to earn tokens that spike and crash. Instead, LUNA went on an upward track, due to the project’s incentive to hold onto the tokens.

Despite the recent arrival, LUS lined up among the hottest tokens in January, competing with attention for some of the bigger and more liquid projects. 

LUS started its rally after Luna Rush open withdrawals to swap in-game assets for the tradable token. The event managed to raise LUS prices at least temporarily.

What’s Coming for Luna Rush

The Luna Rush team now faces the task to complete the roadmap goals for Q1, 2022. The game expects to launch a token sale through an IDO, followed by NFT minting

Gameplay will see PvE boss mechanics, as well as PvP mode. Metaverse land plot sales are expected by the end of the first half of the year. Luna Rush will also keep adding heroes and minor features over time. 

In the meantime, the project is aiming to grow its popularity by organizing tournaments and reaching out to potential players.

One of the promises of Luna Rush is to create a sustainable element of tokenomics. For now, the LUS token remains risky, as it only has one trading pair on PancakeSwap. This may also explain the price performance, as holders are not really capable of selling. 

Over the course of months, LUS will gain other mechanisms of price discovery and the current valuation may move in either direction.

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