Luna Rush Enters Another Maintenance Period

Luna Rush (LUS) completed token listing on Gate.IO, new NFT sale expected this March 10 with mystery boxes.

Luna Rush, one of the most active play to earn games, is already feeling the burden of too many characters. To support its array of NFT playable characters, Luna Rush announced another maintenance period. 

Luna Rush is still struggling to get ahead on Binance Smart Chain rankings, but remains one of the more widely mentioned P2E games on social media. 

Luna Rush will use the maintenance period to fix bugs and add new features. Luna Rush relies on the idle RPG model, and has a feature to build Warriors. With the increase in characters, the game had another maintenance from March 6 to give support to all newly minted characters. 

Luna Rush Expands Exchange Presence

Because Luna Rush wants to ensure the ability to cash out, one of the game’s goals was to increase its presence on exchanges. 

Luna Rush completed its fundraising event and has succeeded to gain a listing on the Gate.IO exchange. 

This market operator is dedicated to listing small-scale assets, ensuring liquidity and price discovery. Until recently, LUS relied on its Pancake Swap pairings. 

LUS Remains Pressured

LUS continued its downward trend, sinking to $0.49. In the past month, LUS unraveled from $4.69, its all-time peak level. One of the reasons was overall market uncertainty, as well as the maintenance periods that stopped the gameplay. 

LUS follows the trend of multiple reward tokens that go through a boom and bust cycle. But from the current lows, LUS may take up a new trend of appreciation. Currently, the market has absorbed about 4.5M LUS out of a total supply of 350M. 

Luna Rush Keeps Selling NFT Boxes

Luna Rush has extended a referral program granting a bonus box for buying 10 Big Boxes with NFT game items. Recently, the game also completed a sale of Gem Boxes, sold out in 15 seconds. 

Luna Rush has also planned another NFT mystery box sale on March 10. The sale will be on the Babylons platform and will sell boxes worth 20 LUS or 15 LUS.

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