Luna Rush Opens Up for PvP Mode

Luna Rush achieved significant adoption of LUS tokens and Warrior NFTs, but aims to add more players and trading liquidity.
  • LUS token stuck at $0.13 on low PancakeSwap liquidity.
  • Warrior NFT level will affect the final score from battles.

Luna Rush, one of the popular P2E games and a partner to Bomb Crypto, is closing in on releasing a PvP battle model. Luna Rush released a series of teasers on the new features, with updates on the role of NFT playable characters. Having a more rare Warrior will lead to a higher game score after battles are completed.

Luna Rush also teased with arena visuals, where 2-4 characters can fight out with a turns-based exchange of attacks and defenses. The chief goal is to win the match and add trophy points to one’s balance. Leaderboards will be formed based on how many points are earned and lost.

The upgrade will turn Luna Rush into a variation of Axie Infinity, where the qualities of Warriors will affect the game, and in turn make the Warriors even more valuable. The introduction of game events and leaderboards may bring more players to Luna Rush. The current PvE idle play is not lucrative enough even for bots. Luna Rush joins the list of games aiming to build up meaningful engagement and rewards.

Will Luna Rush Go Up the Ranks

Luna Rush is a game with a potentially successful P2E recipe, which has moved one step forward with development. However, the game has been blamed for spending a long time in the NFT trading stage, building an oversupply of Warriors. There are more than 100K Warriors to a very low player count. 

Those struggles are not unusual for P2E games. But Luna Rush has high social media prominence and may succeed in changing its course. 

Luna Rush Warriors are traded on its native marketplace, with almost no OpenSea representation. The Luna Rush LUS token is also highly popular, spread across 100,556 addresses.

The biggest problem of LUS is that a single pair on PancakeSwap is responsible for most of its price discovery. Hence LUS is now at $0.013, down 39% in a single day of high volatility. LUS has been sliding more from previous highs above $4.52, severely hurting the game’s reward system.

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