Metarun Introduces PvP, Staking Arrives for Tokens and Rare NFT

Metarun is a high-grade endless runner game with free access and optional NFT and GameFi elements.
  • Metarun to move on from closed beta into mass launch soon.
  • MRUN token staking with more than 70% APY and potential NFT airdrops.
  • Whitelisting open for Metarun Genesis Mystery Box collection.

Metarun, a simulated racer game, will introduce V2 staking for its MRUN token. The staking mechanism will also grant access to NFT items, some with extreme rarity. Players can win one of the 25 extremely rare Legendary or Mythical NFT heroes.

The game is live in closed beta and offers multiple opportunities to compete and earn. Metarun recently held giveaways with earnings both in MRUN and BNB. The game now offers the chance for PvP competitions with the potential to build tournaments.

Metarun extended its closed beta testing session until September 16, awaiting upgrades and updates after that. At this point, Metarun is expected to seek mass adoption and find its place among the more active BNB games. Metarun is developing fast, after launching its PvE mode for the first time in August.

Metarun recently celebrated its one-year mark, becoming one of the top fully launched games based on Unreal Engine 5. Metarun is also an endless runner, one of the more successful P2E game types, similar to Vulcan Runner.

The MRUN token has traded mostly during the bear market in 2022, and stabilized at $0.004, down 90% from its initial trading levels. MRUN is based on Binance Smart Chain and offers the potential for risky liquidity mining on Pancake Swap.

Metarun Opens NFT Whitelisting

Metarun promised a new Genesis collection of NFT. Currently, the game has opened a whitelist signup form to encourage early adoption.

The goal of Metarun is to achieve wide NFT adoption and loyalty through NFT ownership. 

Metarun will hold its NFT public launch on September 27, opening in total 9,999 Mystery Boxes. The game has invited 25K pre-registered players to join once it moves on from closed beta into open beta.

The global launch for Metarun has been scheduled for early 2023. The current NFT staking is expected by the end of 2022, based on the game’s roadmap. Even with the NFT event and total in-game ownership, Metarun will always offer a free-to-play basic version.

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