Metarun Re-Launches Closed Beta, Next Run Starts August 8

Metarun offers an endless runner app, with a waiting list for the official mobile release.
  • Passes for the next testing period will be given away for social media tasks.
  • Previous month-long test gathered 500 active users.
  • MRUN token still near lows at $0.003.

Metarun, the endless runner game with NFT additions, is relaunching its closed beta and holding a new event to win entry spots. The game announced its ticket distribution through gameplay, winning the right to join the closed beta at a later date.

Previously, Metarun sold access tickets to the closed beta, using the proceeds to buy back MRUN tokens to increase their value.

Metarun NFT to Gain New Market

Metarun will be one of the projects added to the NFTb network. NFTb is a platform for Web3 projects, providing liquidity, NFT trading and some forms of IDO sales.

Metarun is still not listed on OpenSea, and its current NFT are linked only to the whitelist for participating in the Closed Beta. Metarun will be available as a mobile app, with currently no data on downloads. 

Metarun completed the first stage of its closed beta, which was scheduled between July 5 and August 4. During that time stretch, more than 500 active players tested the game. The second stage of the Metarun Closed Beta will run between August 8 and August 31. In the days leading up to the date, Metarun will recruit new players with a series of pass giveaways. Several giveaways are currently active. Players from the previous closed beta will always be eligible. 

Runner games, a staple of freemium mobile gaming, are also successful as NFT and Web3 games. Vulcan Runner, a newly released game from Vulcan Forged, is among the top attractors of daily active users. Metarun lines up among the top games with a P2E component now active on BNB Chain.

Metarun is mostly busy with marketing efforts while waiting to launch its app to a wider audience. 

MRUN Token Still Faces Challenges

The MRUN token has been in freefall since its launch in April. MRUN traded down to $0.0003, down from $0.03 at the start of trading. 

MRUN is still only present on MEXC and PancakeSwap, the Binance Smart Chain decentralized exchange.

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