Mines of Dalarnia (DAR) Gains Coinbase Trading Access

Mines of Dalarnia moved into the gaming stage after spending months as an NFT project.
  • Mines of Dalarnia restarted game on June 9 with new weapon crafting mechanics.
  • Special mining session until June 23 for rare Quicksilver Mines NFT.
  • DAR among the most liquid, fastest-growing P2E tokens.

Mines of Dalarnia had its native token DAR listed on the Coinbase exchange, opening wider access for retail buyers. DAR was listed alongside other trending assets from the recent round of new project development. 

Marlin Protocol and Automata Network are also related to building the infrastructure of Web3, though not directly related to P2E gaming. 

What Mines of Dalarnia Accomplished

Mines of Dalarnia is one of the games that started with an NFT collection resembling the Bored Ape avatars. Later, the game brought utility with pickaxe statistics and mining achievements. Currently, Mines of Dalarnia is holding a special mining event, live until June 23. 

By joining this event, players can seek for rare NFT in the Quicksilver Mines. Playing for rarity is now another tool in the P2E pack, especially after tokenization faced problems with oversupply and selling pressures.


Recently, Mines of Dalarnia restarted its game servers, while also launching an update with several new features. The game now has a new asset, Stellar Shards, which are dropped by the daily Mining Contract. The Shards are used in the new Weapons Crafting mechanic, and can be either won in the game, or bought on the open market, priced as a relatively rare resource.

Mining Apes also have a relatively high floor price of 0.11 ETH, though the game has not completed information on the number of players. DAR traded in the $0.30 range, still down 90% from its peaks above $3. 

Mines of Dalarnia was a game that spent a long time in pre-production, getting financed and popularized by its NFT collection. Now, the game has picked up activity and is one of the fastest-growing projects on Binance Smart Chain.

The token is held on nearly 50K addresses on BSC and has multiple Binance trading pairs. For a gaming token, trading volumes above $68M in 24 hours is a feat. The game also has enough resource sinks and is time-consuming, encouraging the lookout for NFT instead of merely dumping DAR for rewards.

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