Mines of Dalarnia Prepares Weapons Recharge Feature

Mines of Dalarnia (DAR) aims to add PvP and metaverse mode, though now it remains an idle resource-mining game with PvE in varied mine environments.
  • Players complain of DAR fees to open mining sessions still higher than potential earnings.
  • DAR opens trading with two Coinbase markets against USDT and USDC.
  • New game feature with weapons recharge coming soon.

Mines of Dalarnia is entering a stage of active development after months of waiting. The mining game, famous for its equipped Ape collection, also gained a representation of its DAR native token on Coinbase

Now, the game will enter maintenance to launch a new feature, weapons recharge. The game’s main tool are the pickaxes, but weapons are complimentary against the dangers of the mines.


Can Mines of Dalarnia Regain its Footing

Even with a successful launch, Mines of Dalarnia is facing many issues. The game, launched on Binance Smart Chain, still requires fees for every mining adventure. With updates, players need to download the game again and pay new fees to log in. 

Users are also complaining that the native token DAR is making the adventure meaningless. At the same time, the game is facing a bot problem, where resources taken at speed can turn some profits. Other players are mining at a loss, even when reselling Shards for weapons crafting.

DAR has also fallen to $0.31, sliding from a price above $4 at the peak. The game created heightened expectations and hype, only to see more volatility during the bear market.

The problem for players is the initial DAR fee, which is not recouped from the game. It may be possible to have higher gains in the game once the pickaxe and weapons level up, but for beginner players, fees are higher than the funds earned. This is raising doubts about the game’s goals and whether the fee is deliberate.

What’s Coming on the Roadmap

In terms of game development, Mines of Dalarnia is a bit behind projects like Crabada or Axie Infinity. There is no PvP or team play, and the game is just idle resource gathering, which is still open to bots.

The roadmap will include PvP in the coming months, but the first demand is to optimize the game balance and create an in-game marketplace. 

The mobile alpha game is yet to come despite being expected in Q2. Mines of Dalarnia aims to have a metaverse mode and possibly add battles.

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