Mines of Dalarnia Shows First Signs of P2E Potential

Mines of Dalarnia is a resource and adventure game with NFT characters and equipment.
  • Mines of Dalarnia arrived after a long waiting period and DAR token volatility.
  • DAR up 73% in a day to $1.62 with expectations of higher price range.
  • 200 Apes traded on OpenSea in the past two days, 20X growth in NFT activity.

Mines of Dalarnia shows signs of good P2E income at least when tested in its early stages. The initial impressions of the game after its mainnet launch are mixed. Some players still have trouble connecting. For others, Mines of Dalarnia achieves significant early earnings. 


Mines of Dalarnia went through extensive testing and made its early investors wait before the launch on Binance Smart Chain. Within the first day, DappRadar only registered six users from smart contract data. 

On OpenSea, Mining Apes saw their floor price at 0.62 ETH, boosted by the news of usability within the game. Mining Apes were one of the reasons Mines of Dalarnia was viewed as a project that put NFT first. But the advantage of this game was its extensive testing period. The current version is Mines of Dalarnia 2.0, after players tried out a different type of game in early testing. 

Mines of Dalarnia has attracted investments from Animoca Brands, The Sandbox, Binance and Chromia. The game is an example of a delayed but successful launch, hopefully managing to achieve a positive P2E balance.

DAR Token Rallies After Game Release

After a long slide, DAR had a field day with a sudden rally and peak trading activity. DAR went up by 73.04% to $1.64, the highest level since February. The token’s heightened value is one of the reasons for the high earnings. 

Extreme predictions see DAR appreciating to previously visited levels, potentially boosting the P2E model of Mines of Dalarnia. 

The appreciation of DAR also affects LAND tokens, increasing the nominal value of their metaverse land plots. The DAR token was also among the best gainers in the BSC ecosystem. 


Playing Mines of Dalarnia still requires some gas fees to use BSC. This network usually has fees of around $0.50, but those may rise during busy periods. The game is yet to see a real-life stress test with many players.

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