Mines of Dalarnia Releases Updated Version, October Horror Challenge

Mines of Dalarnia will generate new maps with three levels of difficulty and limits for player level.
  • Mines of Dalarnia is adding new resources, monsters and dangers in renewed complex maps.
  • The game is trying to regain users after spending a long time as an NFT project.
  • Mines of Dalarnia still draws in more than 240 players per day.

Mines of Dalarnia introduced one of its more detailed updates, Deeper Depths, expanding the potential adventures and features. Mines of Dalarnia, which spent a long time in the NFT stage, is now trying to compensate with new additions.


The game will add three new resources – gold, aquarite and ragnarite, with a more active drop schedule. The goal is to encourage players more after the slow drops of the previous version. The new resources will be used to craft additional pickaxes with more rare features, depending on the player rank. 

In the short term, Mines of Dalarnia also added a special Halloween horror feature, available until November 10. 


Mines of Dalarnia will also generate new maps with more variation, available in three difficulty levels and also restricted based on player level. Because of the game’s difficulty, Mines of Dalarnia will also bring Healer Helper robots, to restore lost health points.

The game will include new monsters, as well as environment hazards such as falling stalactites, exploding gas and toxic slime.

All the new valuable resources, as well as existing Mining Apes and pickaxes or other items crafted in the game. The new marketplace will have auction-based deals, with other forms of trading to appear in the coming months.

Mines of Dalarnia Struggles to Retain Asset Value

Mines of Dalarnia currently carries 242 players per day, within the usual range after some of the first spikes of users during active mining season. The game is based on BNB Chain and not all activities are reflected as tokens. 

Mining Apes, the game’s high-profile NFT, are still retaining some of their value. Their floor price is at 0.11 ETH, but real trades happen at 0.046 ETH. Only 2% of all Apes are listed, with varying value and statistics.

Mines of Dalarnia was one of the high profile P2E games. The game is now trying to add improvements and bring back players. One of the game’s problems is the stagnant price of DAR, diminishing the game’s returns. DAR sank from a peak of $4.29 to its current level of $0.18, diminishing the game’s potential earnings.

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