Mines of Dalarnia: Will Launch Succeed After Delay

Mines of Dalarnia finally reached its beta launch, preparing NFT and token rewards for V1 and V2 testers.
  • Early testers will receive NFT and token rewards through a new portal.
  • DAR token slips below $1 again, volumes remain robust after KuCoin listing.
  • Mining Apes still used as source of income through OpenSea.

Mines of Dalarnia may be closing in on launching a playable version. April 26 was set as the date for the mainnet launch on Binance Smart Chain. The game already spent a long period with launch delays, relying on its Mining Ape collection.

In addition to launching the next stage Beta, Mines of Dalarnia will reward the early players and testers with DAR tokens, NFT skins and mining passes. The rewards will drop a few days after the launch of the new beta version. 

What to Expect from Mines of Dalarnia

The game had ambitious goals, setting up a resource-rich world to encourage P2E activity. The game has ran on testnet since March, with lengthy alpha testing. The game will include labyrinth-like levels with resources and XP points. This time, the game may not be delayed and honor its preset launch date. 

Mines of Dalarnia also achieved earnings from its token sale, ended November 2021. The game raised $2.7M, in addition to funding rounds from investors raising 900M. Animoca Brands, one of the leading investors in P2E games, has also added to the game’s funds. 

Despite the delay, Mines of Dalarnia has the potential to become one of the growing P2E hubs on Binance Smart Chain. 

DAR Token Falls Under $1

The DAR token, recently listed on KuCoin, also has more significant sources of liquidity compared to other P2E games. DAR traded at $0.97, with a 10% drop in the past day. In late 2021, the token reached peak valuations above $3.50. The game launch will have to show its potential to draw out DAR from its current lows. DAR still achieves more than $57M in daily trading volumes, with more activity since the listing on KuCoin exchange.

The Mining Ape collection is present on OpenSea, with early adopters attempting to shed their items. The initial idea was that some apes and pickaxes would give advantage in the game. About 3K Apes have gone for sale, with 2-10 deals per day and a floor price of 0.247 ETH.

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