Mines of Dalarnia Prepares for BSC Launch on April 26

Mines of Dalarnia enters the next stage with a teaser on the upcoming resource gathering game.
  • DAR expects a trading boost from the game launch.
  • Mines of Dalarnia is already widely known for its NFT collections on Binance NFT and OpenSea.

Mines of Dalarnia released a teaser on its launch as a Binance Smart Chain game. The event is also presented as mainnet launch, although the game has not built its own blockchain. Mines of Dalarnia now joins a growing list of BSC games that produce significant transaction counts and engage players. 


Ahead of the launch, Mines of Dalarnia also renewed its website, where the features of the new games are outlined in more detail. Mines of Dalarnia will start with a one-planet map, Terra Prime. Other planets will feature a different resource profile.

DAR Token Expects Boost from Game Launch

Mines of Dalarnia already has a widely traded token, DAR, with a price of $1.09. DAR has erased some of its positions since peaks above $4, but the asset has only above four months of trading history and is yet to show its value.

The upcoming launch of the main game may also boost the value of DAR. Mines of Dalarnia is yet to go through its boom time, and the value of the token may reflect that. The new game will compete with the recently added Mobox gaming functionalities with a similar objective of mining resources.

DAR is also one of the rare assets that benefited from the Binance curation of Mines of Dalarnia. Mines of Dalarnia also offers 103 collectible Canary characters on Binance NFT, with a significantly high price around 1,000 BUSD.

Mines of Dalarnia will also release metaverse land plots with renting potential to acquire resources. Pickaxes and characters will also be represented by NFTs. The game’s tools are keys to success in various terrains, and can be upgraded for durability. 

So far, Mines of Dalarnia has been famous mostly for its Mining Ape collection. The Apes worked as one of the scarce avatar issues, but will also have usability within the game. Unlike other items, the Apes are also present on OpenSea, with a 0.24 ETH floor price. The Apes were the first source of income from the game before mining.

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